Rider Education

From the desk of Diana Brighton – District Educator for Ontario

Well, I think that nice weather is finally coming. Most of you have already been out on the bikes, but some of us are waiting a little longer for the warmer weather.

I would like to talk about the monthly activity reports (N.6 Form) that are to be completed by the Chapter Educator or Chapter Directors (if there is no Educator), and submitted to me by the 5th of each month.  You might ask yourselves, “Why do we have to complete these monthly reports?”  Here is the answer: Once you have completed the form and emailed it to me –  sbrighton@rogers.com – I print all these forms off and compile a quarterly report, and send it to my boss. This allows GWRRA to keep the not-for-profit status with the IRS. One thing that I am seeing on the reports is that some areas are not being completed correctly under the Newsletter section.

Newsletter Articles and Number of Newsletters Distributed – if you have two articles in your Chapter newsletter

– One could be promoting an up-coming seminar or riding course, and the other could be a Motorist

Awareness article. This would count as two articles.

So after Articles: you would put 2.  Under the newsletters: this is the number of all the members that will

receive your Chapter’s newsletter via email or hard copy.  Please email me if you need this form.

I know that we have a couple Chapters in our District that do not have Chapter Educators. I wanted to let the Chapter Directors know that if they have a member in their Chapter who is interested in joining your team as the Chapter Educator, please let me know. Chapter Educators do not have to teach anything.  Actually, they cannot teach unless they are certified to do so.  It would be great to have all Chapters with Educators.  Always remember – You are never too old to learn, and the benefits of the education that GWRRA members receive can save

For the Chapters that would like to have a rider education seminar presented in their Chapter and do not have a certified presenter in the Chapter, please contact me and I can make arrangements to have a seminar presented for your Chapter.  Here is the list of seminars that are available:

     Co-Rider (CRS, CRV – video version)

     Motorcycle Crash Scene Response (MCSR)

     Motorcycling for Mature Riders (MMR)

     Team Riding (TRS)

     Trailering (TS)

     Road Captain Course (RCC) (contains both classroom and riding components)

Other Rider Ed Seminars:

     Co-Rider Two (CRTS) – this seminar is NOT a part of the Levels Program

     High Siding (HSS)

     Riding with New and/or Inexperienced Riders (RWN)

     Running Mountains, Hills and Curves (RMHC)

     Going, Going, Gone (GGG)

     Riding in the Heat (RDH)

     Night Riding (NR)

     Dealing with the Elements (DDE)

     Helmet Myths (HM)

Levels Program

A lot of GWRRA members are enrolled in the levels program, and it is rewarding for members to achieve the different levels.  It is a personal preference for each member.

Levels I, II and III are on the N.7 form, and Level IV is the N.9 form

Level I – Safety By Commitment

–     Commitment to safe riding

Level II – Safety By Education

–     Be enrolled in level I

–     Have 8,100 safe km

–     M/C License

–     Approved Rider Course within 3 years

Level III – Safety By Preparedness

–     Have all the above and current CPR or First Aid

–     Motorist Awareness Seminar

–     Carry First Aid Kit on your bike

Level IV – Safety By Enhanced Commitment & Preparedness (Cost is $35.00 US)

–     -Be in Level III for a 1 year period

–     -First Aid and CPR

–     -25,000 safe miles since joining GWRRA

–     -Committed to riding with proper riding gear all the time

There are pins and patches for purchase that can be worn on your vests to show your commitment to riding safely.  If you need more information on the Levels program, please send me an email and I will be glad to help.

For the Co-Rider seminar attendance sheets that get sent to me, it would be great if you could indicate whether the member is a rider or a co-rider. When I am entering the information into the RE database, it would be great to know if this seminar was taken by a co-rider because that could be used for the levels program, even if the member is not currently enrolled in the levels program, they might be at a later time.

Just a reminder to email all seminar attendance sheets to me, as I keep track of all seminars and who has put on what seminar and when it was put on.  Also, all information gets entered into the Rider Education database for each member.